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Scan-Speak was founded in 1970 by Ejvind Skaaning who had earlier left SEAS to start Vifa and Dynaudio and currently owns Audio Technology together with his son Per Skaaning. Scan-Speak introduced an affordable low distortion motor to the industry with their patented Symmetrical Drive (SD) which is now widely adapted by other manufacturers. Typical trademarks of Scan-Speak are low distortion motors, non-coated paper cones for maximal dynamic contrast and detail, low mechanical resistance for greatest transparency in the bass and midrange. Except for the current Discovery series Scan-Speak never targeted the lower priced market but aimed for high performance instead. Scan-Speak is used or has been used by nearly all high-end speaker system manufacturers in the world and perhaps the most famous examples of success remain the Scan-Speak 18W/8545K00 used in the Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy and the R2904/700000 ringradiator tweeter that was embraced by many. Scan-Speak is very well build and made in Denmark. © AUDIO CONSTRUCTOR Scan-Speak loudspeaker specialist.