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SEAS Excel

SEAS Excel is the high performance product range of SEAS Norway. When SEAS Excel was first launched it shocked the entire audio world with it's high performance magnesium cone woofers/midwoofers. SEAS was already known for it's flawless production capabilities, good sound and very high reliability but nobody expected this kind of flamboyant high performance products from a company like SEAS. The launch of SEAS Excel forced all competition like for example Scan-Speak, Vifa, Thiel (now Accuton) and Eton to get onto the low distortion bandwagon and to redesign their products. SEAS Excel magnesium cones excel (!) at the lowest distortion, very low energy storage and excellent dynamics and the same can be said from SEAS Excel tweeters and other SEAS Excel products. Copper phase plugs, zinc and magnesium chassis, low distortion motors, Hexadym magnet technology are just a few technologies used by Seas Excel in the pursuit for the lowest distortion and best possible sound quality. Brands like Vifa, Dynaudio and Scan-Speak have all been founded by former SEAS engineers so it's justified to say that SEAS has without doubt been the catalyst for the Scandinavian speaker unit industry. Reliability and QC is very good. © AUDIO CONSTRUCTOR Seas Excel loudspeaker specialist.