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Mundorf SGFN Silver/Gold

Mundorf SGFN Silver/Gold Zero Ohm Coil (ZOC) made from silver/gold foil. These coils were specially developed for low frequency applications which do not focus on maximum capacity, but rather exceptional performance quality, micro-dynamics and outstanding technical properties such as matching perfectly with highly-effi cient loudspeakers specially designed for low-power, single-ended tube-amplifiers. Our Zero Ohm Coil (ZOC) made from silver foil combines the exceptional conductivity of silver foil with the minimal internal resistance of Feron ZOC cores. The exceptional acoustic qualities of the SFN series can yet be further enhanced by adding 1% of the purest gold to making in the ultimate SGFN series. Technical specifications: Core material: FERON Grain-oriented silicon iron 0.35 mm Coil form: PA, fibre-glass reinforced

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