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Fat Bob S TU

  • Model: Transrotor Fat Bob S TU
  • Shipping Weight: 25kg


Transrotor Fat Bob S / TR 800-S tonearm + TR MM Uccello package

Chassis hand polished, 40mm aluminium base, 12 kg platter 60mm black acrylic top surface, 4 kg bearing bar, double synchronous motor with separate power supply unit

Fat Bob S incl. Transrotor TR 800-S tonearm, TR MM Uccello cartridge and platterweight aluminium

Measure approx. w 44 x l 28 x h 18 cm

Weight approx. 25 kg

Optional upgrade to regulated Konstant Studio or Konstant M-1 Reference power supply

Various Transrotor configurations are available, mail us for more info

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