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Fat Bob Reference TM

  • Model: Transrotor Fat Bob Reference TM
  • Shipping Weight: 40kg


Transrotor Fat Bob Reference / SME 5009 tonearm + TR Merlo Reference package

Chassis hand polished, 50mm aluminium base, 15 kg platter 80mm black acrylic top surface, 4 kg bearing bar, double synchronous motor with separate power supply unit, Transrotor TMD magnetic bearing.

Transrotor Fat Bob Reference can be upgraded up to 2x separate tonearms.

Fat Bob Reference incl. SME 5009 tonearm tonearm, TR Merlo reference cartridge, Konstant M-1 Reference speed control unit and platterweight aluminium

Measure approx. w 46 x l 40 x h 19 cm

Weight approx. 40 kg

Various Transrotor configurations are available, mail us for more info

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