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Yinboa 4EU

  • Model: Yinboa 4EU
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Yinboa 4EU Audiophile Mains Filter

- 4x audio grade schuko sockets

- Black anodized full aluminum case

- RFI/EMI noise filter: 70db from 1MHz~10MHz

- Max power: 1800W/220V. Input voltage: 110V~240V 50/60Hz

- Voltage protection: 10A/rated current / auto reset

Short Review:

From unpacking the box it was clear that this is a substantial made piece of kit and it was heavier than I expected. Everything was cold to the touch and clearly all metal including the nice silver coloured end-cheeks. First impression was of a very high quality made unit. Because the Yinboa 4EU audiophile mains filter comes standard with a quality build IEC socket it can be fed via any high quality audio mains lead. I just used a very short regular mains lead I had in my parts box. I like to keep all cables, be it interconnects in general, as short as possible.

I decided to try the mains filter feeding my CD Player and Pre-amplifier to begin with. Immediate first impression was of earing more detail and information in the music, especially the mid-band, with a tighter more controlled and focused bass. Space between the instruments had also increased along with stereo imaging and it was easier to pick out details which I had not noticed before. Treble was much cleaner and natural sounding, smooth and sweet. It was as if I had just upgraded the CD Player or pre-amp.

I then decided to try my feeding my power amplifier with the filter. The sound was smoother and the effect of improved mid band and bass definition was even more obvious. Playing some lush vocals with acoustic backing the mains filter was a definite improvement with a very natural musical sound but switching to some synthersised based music the treble seemed a little too warm sometimes. This is probably down to my tube power amplifier being a bit soft sounding in nature and I guess if I was using a solid state amplifier or a tube power amplifier with a little more edge and high frequency extension then the change would have been for the obvious better.

Just using it on the CD Player and Pre-amp alone is a such big improvement I cannot live without now. Using it with the power amp also adds another layer of enhancement, esp the mid band. Great piece of kit.

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