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  • Model: Mundorf AMT21CM2.1
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AMT21CM2.1 Air Motion Transformer, Ø104mm

Based on principle, Air Motion Transformers boast a much greater distortion-free dynamic range than other types of transducers (linear dynamic). The given nonlinearity in the high frequency range was fi nally able to be virtually completely eliminated with constructive innovations. The result is an extraordinarily neutral transducer with considerable dynamic potential. Of course, the fi nest dynamic nuances are reproduced, as well as the greatest dynamic leaps are brilliantly mastered. For instance, Qualifi ed Engineer Bernd Timmermanns from the HOBBY HiFi measuring laboratory also reported the following about our AMT 2340: “…with perfect linear sound pressure frequency response and excellent decay behaviour… as a result, this tweeter is one of the most low-distortion tweeters that Hobby HiFi has ever examined in the laboratory” (HH 1/2005, Page 17), and he writes further about the musical qualities: “What makes the ‘debut’ so special is its ability to allow music to flow. This fl ow lives from the fine overtones, from gentle nuances that do not languish between the major signals, but stand their ground in an entirely unencumbered and matter-offact manner. …of course, the piano, with its astoundingly perceptible outlines also seems to be so close you can touch it… in particular, live recordings gain enormously”.

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