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  • Model: Volt BM220.8
  • Shipping Weight: 4.1kg


Bass Midrange in Studio Monitors

FEATURES: This unit combines powerful bass performance with extended low colouration midrange. It uses a symmetrical field magnet system for large linear excursion capability. Double rear suspensions guarantee transient stability at high drive levels. The plastic cone is critically doped for minimal colouration.

The Thiele-Small parameters are optimised for easy use in relatively small enclosures to give extended bass performance.

Nominal Diameter 200mm
Power Capacity 150watts
Sensitivity 90dB/watt/m
Frequency Range 30-5000Hz
Impedance 8ohms
Bl Factor 11N/A
Voice Coil Diameter 38mm
Voice Coil Material Copper
Maximum Excursion 25mm (before damage)
Magnet Assembly Weight 3.6Kg
Effective Moving Mass 0.029Kg
Compliance 0.00070M/N
Volume displaced by unit 0.8litres
Connection 5 mm solder terminals
Chassis Diecast Aluminium

Overall Diameter 234.5mm
Mounting Bolt Circle Diameter 218mm
Number and Size of Bolts 4x M5
Baffle Cutout Diameter 192mm front mount
Baffle Cutout Diameter 200mm rear mount
Depth 95mm below front flange
Depth 106mm total depth
Weight 4.1Kg.

Fs 34Hz
Re 5.5ohms
Qa 5.04
Qe 0.29
Qt 0.27
Vas 47litres
Xmax 4mm
Sd 213.82cm2
Vd 96cm3
Le 0.9mH

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