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  • Model: Accuton AS190-9-251
  • Shipping Weight: 6.5kg


The AS190-9-251 is a 190mm diameter woofer with an aluminum honeycomb sandwich diaphragm. The new design provides an ideal acoustic center that is identical to our CELL midrange and midrange speakers. The novel overhang construction combines the advantages of traditional overhanging and underhanging constructions and provides high linear deflection with extremely low distortion. For the CELL Bass drivers, a particularly tough aluminum sandwich membrane has been developed, which allows very little delay and energy storage. The hidden centering reduces the overall outer diameter and allows a linear mechanical deflection of up to +/- 16 mm. A newly developed centering spider allows great deflection without compression.

We recommend our AS190-9-251 for the application of 30 Hz - 1000 Hz. Optimal application area Vb: 24L, port diameter: 70mm, length: 300mm, Fres: 36Hz, F-3dB: 36Hz, Q: 0.58 (optimal). Vb: 35L, port diameter: 70mm, length: 245mm, Fres: 33Hz, F-3dB: 30Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass). PARAMETERS FOR A CLOSED HOUSING. Vb: 11L, -9dB @ 40Hz, F-3dB: 63Hz, Q: 0.71 (optimal). Vb: 35L, -7dB @ 40Hz, F-3dB: 70Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass).

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