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  • Model: ATB PC Pro
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The ATB PC Pro Measuring system is a professional Audio Analyser. The Windows program is combined with the computer’s soundcard, the measurement microphone, the Test-Box and the DVD (CD) for the signals forms an exact and extensive measurement system. The applications for the ATB PC Pro are the speaker development, room acoustic optimise, the installation of car sound systems, the setting of Surround reproduction systems and the noise analyser.

The following measurements are available:

• Electric and acoustic amplitude frequency response
• SPL Electric and acoustic phase frequency response
• Impedance measurement
• Step response
• Distortion THD
• Distortion IMD
• RMS (sound) level meter

The Windows measuring program corresponds to a small ATB precision program offering all the functions of the Windows operating system. Notebooks and external USB soundcards prove to be ideal for this field of work. For the high precision of the measurement there is an automatical calibration of the soundcard.

For CAD or calculation program or data base the ATB PC data can be exported in many formats. The export is to MLSSA, LAUD, IMP and CLIO file.

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