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Excelline HE Filter

  • Model: Excelline KIT HE AC IT SP-40
  • Shipping Weight: 8kg


2-way Transmissionline speaker kit with Seas Excel drivers designed by Bernd Timmermanns, published in Hobby HiFi.

Note that we supply the kit version with improved high-end filter option and impedance correction network as described by Bernd Timmermanns!

Dimensions (WxHxD): 17.2 x 95.0 x 30.0 cm
Transmission-Line with absorber chamber
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 83db
Frequency range: 30-40.000 Hz
Crossover Frequency: 2300 Hz

This Audio Constructor Excelline kit includes: 

★ High-end filter option with Tritec coils, Air Therm coils, Audyn Plus caps, 
 Audyn KP-SN caps, Audyn QS caps, MOX resistors 
★ 2 Seas Excel E0037-08S W15CH001 magnesium cone woofers. 
★ 2 Seas Excel E0047-04 T29MF001 magnesium dome tweeters. 
★ All damping material like Intertechnik Bondum 800 
★ Ports, driver mounting screws, driver sealing tape 
★ Intertechnik circuit boards LP05 
★ 3.5m  KaCsa KCEFLW40 OFC copper 4mm2 flatcable internal wiring 
★ Intertechnik T122/96 aluminium plate terminals 
★ Excelline drawings and schematics 

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