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True Silver 4.70uF / 1000V

  • Model: ATS/4.70/1000
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AUDYN-CAP True Silver foil capacitor 4.7uF 1000V 35 x 60mm

Technical specifications:

Silver metallized polypropylene capacitor; pure silver wire circuit; induction free winding technique; bifilar winding technique; sturdy plastic housing protects against external damage; self-healing design; housing: plastic tube epoxy encapsulated; connections: solid core silver wires; capacitance range from 0,10uF to 15uF; nominal voltage: 1000VDC; C-tolerance: 2%; temperature range: -25C to +70C Tang: less than 0,0002 at 1kHz.

C/F 4,70
V (DC) 1.000,00
C-Tol.% 2,00
D mm 35,00
L mm 60,00
AL mm 50,00

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