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Jantzen Audio Superior Z-Cap 10.0

  • Model: Superior Z-Cap 10.0
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Jantzen Audio Superior Z-Cap 10.0uF 1200Vdc ( 46mm - L: 70mm)

The Superior-Z Cap offers extremely high performance, but
still at a reasonable price point.

Highly recommended for tweeters and mid-range application for high-end passive speakers and also as coupling capacitors in tube and power amplifiers.

Super MKP double foil design, where four times as much foil is used per microfarad, compared to single foil MKP capacitors.

Compared to single foil MKP capacitors, the Superior Z-Cap is on a higher audiophile level, where even finest nuance improvements can be heard.

Nitrogen filled instead of dielectric fluid, offering more foil per capacitor and eliminating risk of evaporation.

An extremely well made and precise MKP capacitor with a tolerance on capacitance of only +/- 2%.

Capacitor foil: Metalized (ZnAl) polypropylene foil
Dielectric insulation: Polypropylene film
Terminal leads: PCOCC copper wire
Voltage rating:
0,10 - 0,39μF = 1200 VDC / 600 VAC
0,47μF - 22,00μF = 800 VDC / 425 VAC

Working Temperature Range: - 30C to + 85C
Capacitance tolerance: +/- 2%
Loss factor: 1K 0.00002 10K 0.00001
Signal direction: None (non-polarized capacitor)
Non inductive construction

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