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Jantzen Audio Premium ELKO 15.0

  • Model: Premium ELKO 15.0
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Jantzen Audio Premium ELKO 70VDC smooth 5% 15.0


The Premium ELKO is made with a smooth foil to allow for low loss.

The smooth foil also provides better performance and sonic properties for audio application, compared to a standard type electrolytic capacitor.

These high quality electrolytic capacitors have a capacitance tolerance of only +/- 5%, compared to the market standard of +/- 10% or 20% Premium ELKOs are in small in size and offers good performance on crossovers, where sizing is an important factor.

These capacitors are especially excellent for the bass section of crossovers, due to their reasonable pricing in high capacitance values.

Due to technical limitations, the Premium ELKOs are only available in maximum 100μF, but due to their relatively small size, multiple capacitors can easily be coupled to make higher capacitance values.

Capacitor foil: Aluminum electrolytic / metal oxide layer
Primary and secondary aluminum foils that offers AC
voltage resistance, which make them highly suitable for
audio application.
Voltage rating: 70 VDC / 50 VAC
Capacitance tolerance: +/- 5% (on nominal value)
Temperature range: - 40C to + 85C
Life span: [UR R~] 5000 hours at +85C/+185F
Loss angle: tan ∂ = 0.025@1kHz
Signal direction: Non (non-polarised capacitor)

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