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Jantzen Audio Cross Coil 14AWG 12AWG 0.12mH

  • Model: Cross Coil 14AWG 12AWG 0.12mH
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Jantzen Audio Cross Coil 12AWG 0.12mH


The Cross Coil was developed in cooperation with Mr. Per Skaaning from Audio Technology™ (Denmark).

It is a high performance foil inductor offering improved power
handling and dynamic head room. Using pure copper foil we have insured a better surface for electron travel, a better distortion reduction and higher power handling, compared to wire inductors.

The coil is wrapped in clear shrink foil to protect the outer layer of foil and to help sustain winding integrity. Lowered distortion compared to single wire based inductors. Using copper foil offers improved dynamic headroom and a better surface for the travel of electrons (compared to standard type single-wire inductors).

We know that with rising frequency, the electrons will reach for the surface. This Phenomenon is known as power distortion. This is why we need as large a surface as we can get, so the electrons do not "get squeezed" along the way.

Until recently, the only disadvantage with foil inductors was the price. But with Jantzen Audio’s new production methods and specially constructed machinery, the price has been greatly reduced.

• Made from ETP (Electrolytic-Tough-Pitch) copper foil
• The copper foil is C11000 / IACS certified
• Available in 8, 12, 14 and 16 AWG
• Inductance tolerance: +/- 2%
• RDC tolerance: +/- 5%
• Insulation: Polypropylene shrink foil (clear)
• Power handling:
16 AWG – approx. 350 watts RMS
14 AWG – approx. 500 watts RMS
12 AWG – approx. 650 watts RMS
8 AWG – approx. 850 watts RMS

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