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M-1e Schuko

  • Model: Oyaide M-1e Schuko
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The Oyaide M1e is Oyaide flagship model. It's an evolution design wise of the P/C series. Oyaide devoloped a more hi-end model.

The Oyaide m1e is an attractive design and plus it also offers high-performance. The dual monocoque housing with Delrin and aluminum has distinguished mechanical strength. Furthermore, it is an excellent vibration attenuation characteristic and a low noise.

The M1e was buily by Oyaide using their uncompromising standards. It presents a strong impression by its very dynamic sound, the audience will become fascinated with the perfect sound.

The basic material for the Oyaide M1e European Schuko connector is Beryllium Copper, which provides maximum conductivity, strength, and a secure contact.

Oyaide polish the surface of the M1e twice after this process a layer of platinum (.5 micron) is plated directly onto this polished surface, and the polishing process is again applied twice. finally the Oyaide M1e receives the final Palladium plating (0.3 micron), and is again polished twice. The combination of these polishing processes, platings, and thicknesses of platings ultimately leads to the final sound character. This connector is the best you can get from Oyaide why not call end audio for more on Oyaide

Oyaide M1e components
For the body of the Oyaide M1e Schuko, Oyaide has chosen high density PBT, mixed with 30% glass filler. This combination was used to maximize rigidity, thermal stability and provide high resonance absorption. The inner housing is Delrin, while the outer shell is made from a 50 series aluminum alloy.

The Oyaide M1e has a tonal character that is supremly natural sounding, resolving, and balanced throughtout the full frequency . Highs are contolled, sweet and extended, mids are layered beautifully, and bass has real weight and punch, without suffering from any bloat or note overhang. Soundstaging is second to none.

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