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Fisch P0 Power Cable without filter.

The realization that all audio devices can only be as good as their connections with each other and play to their energy sources, has established itself more and more. The sonic performance gain by the new power cord can demonstrate this is very impressive. Performance represents the most sustained and high-quality network cables from audio FISH technique. Only after many years of experience existed in the area of ​​network filtering technology and the cable design, the performance and power cable was developed to series maturity. The externally visible changes over the standard cable from the "GK - Series" show only part of the even higher costs.

Most striking are the filter elements. Here are very special ferrite materials used and combined. This material absorbs noise power at relatively low frequencies and will remain effective until about 1000 Mhz. We selected highly effective existing noise ferrite transform into harmless heat. The use of ferrites with matched permeability can in principle generate any momentum losses.

The dreaded dynamic losses are thus safely and reliably excluded. The high degree of coverage of screening ensures that no Neueinstrahlung can happen on the remaining piece of pipe, which manifests itself in the sound image with a more dynamic and tracing of fine felt. On the other hand, is caused by the very low internal resistance of the live wires that also experienced power-sapping power amplifier no dynamic losses. The bass is hereby given strong and precise.

The cross-section of the inner conductor is 3 x 2.5mm .

The superior sound quality of the performance power cord but not achieved by individual outstanding design features, but the harmonious interaction of all properties make this cord until perfect.

This, however good the material properties of their effect can fully develop a high quality of workmanship is required. The consistently high quality of this cable will ensure that all outstanding material properties come into its own. The cable network's performance is available in 5 models. They differ by the number of the applied filter elements. We use it within the filter elements have different ferrites with different grades. This causes a certain extent variable effect of the high-frequency suppression. Due to the complex and highly-fit attachment of the ferrite on the cable which ensures perfect effect.

The performance of P 1 is equipped with a suppressor. Are on the performance of P 3, three, the performance of P 5, five, and on the performance of P 7 seven suppressors are attached. Each is equipped with various ferrite cores.

The performance P 5 P 7 or performance may be particularly at
CD players and high-resolution devices are used. His custom suppressors with even better filter efficiency, provide perfect playback of your chain - and all without loss of momentum.

The Performance Network Abeln you purchase a great-sounding power cord that has an intentionally more warmer sound. The figure of instruments and soloists has much more air - they breathe literally. Some melodies are cleanly audible and the sound is purified. The safe elimination of high frequency noise associated with high-quality cable shielding materials and give an outstandingly good power cord. The production and development of the cable are made exclusively in Germany.

The power cord has a standard length of 1.5m, any length is of course available upon request.
Test the effect of this outstanding power cord in your chain - you will be surprised.

Furthermore, a performance P 0 is available. This power cord has no suppressors and sees itself as equipment cords, for example, for our audio filter strips as IEC version, possessing instead of the fixed connection cable IEC320/C14 a rubber connector.

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