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  • Model: Kimber Kable DV-75
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An affordable 75 ohm cable that offers most of the performance of our famous D-60 digital cable. The precision construction, including silver-plated conductors and fluorocarbon dielectric, makes it the best choice for critical video and digital applications including DVD. DV-75 is incredible with HDTV, allowing the full measure of this technology to shine through. Composite, component, and RGB+HV formats are available. Termination options include "F", BNC, and RCA type connectors. DV-75 is sold in 1/2 meter increments and is only available factory terminated.

(Cp) parallel capacitance: 78.10 pF @ 20 kHz
(Ls) series inductance: 0.670 ÁH @ 20 kHz
(Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.163 Ω
(Xt) total reactance: 0.083 Ω @ 20 kHz
Frequency response ▒ 0.5 dB dc - 20 MHz

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