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UE2 Balanced

  • Model: XLO UE2 Balanced
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The advanced self-shielding design of these balanced-line cables uses differential inductance to cancel EMI and RFI and add 6db to your system’s overall signal-to-noise ratio. No need for conventional shielding in all but the most extreme-noise applications. A world-class performer with outstanding sonics, UnLimited Edition™ Type UE2 cables are hand-terminated with XLO’s own.
Revolutionary symmetrical Field-Balanced™ winding geometry
Proprietarily treated, ultra-pure 6N (99.99998%) Laboratory Grade copper conductors
Aerospace-grade PTFE dielectric insulation used throughout
Exclusive air-filled aerospace-grade PTFE braided tubing protective outer jacket
Terminated with XLO-designed, ultra low self-inductance XLR connectors
Each pair of UE2 balanced audio interconnect cables is individually tested with XLO's performance certification and tracked by a serial number

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