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  • Model: DACT CT2-20K-6
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6kg


DACT volume attenuator 20K AV-6 channel

The CT2 Audio Volume Controls are high quality stepped 24-position attenuators. They were designed for maximum sonic quality, accuracy and reliability. This makes them equally suited for audiophile applications and for professional applications. Their series resistor networks consist of 23 non-inductive, low noise, SMD metal film resistors. The layout of the PC Boards and the choice of SMD resistors have reduced the signal path to a minimum length (typical five times shorter than conventional stepped attenuator designs with leaded resistors). The PCB design combined with the special resistors also account for the very low series inductance and the very low stray capacitance. The result is a bandwidth beyond even the most demanding audiophiles requirements. There has been special care taken to ensure the durability of CT2. Therefore, all contacts and PCB traces are gold plated to prevent any corrosion. As a result, the CT2s will maintain their specifications after long time of use even in hot and humid environments. The rotary switch itself is a gold plated high precision switch manufactured in Switzerland.

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