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The easy way to convert your DACT DIY designs into a completed high-end audio product with the finish quality comparable to the best ready-made products.

The CT-encl1 comes with all required outer panels and internal pre-drilled mounting plates.

Two available finishes - natural alu colour anodized and black anodized.DACT is offering a high quality all-aluminium enclosure for containing DIY audio circuits. The enclosure may be used for various audio constructions but is designed specifically to accommodate a large variety of combinations of DACT components. As examples, the CT-encl1 can be used for:

1. A full-featured active 2 channel preamplifier with phono stage (CT100), line stage (CT101), volume control (CT2), balance control (CT4), 2-5 inputs (CT3 input selector), and power supply (one or two CT102s).
2. A phono stage (CT100) with power supply (one or two CT102s)
3. An active 2 to 8 channel line stage (one to four CT101s) with volume control (2-8 gang CT2) and power supply (one or two CT102s).
4. A 1-8 channel passive preamplifier (1 to 8 gang CT2)

Outer dimensions of the enclosure are;

- 330mm (13.0), face plate width
- 207mm (8.2), depth
- 79mm (3.1), height incl. feet

All panels of CT-encl1 are made of 2mm aluminium except for the outer front panel (6mm aluminium) and the internal bottom mounting plate (1mm aluminium). It includes four high quality feet and all screws for assembling the enclosure:

- Top cover (2mm alu)
- Bottom cover (2mm alu)
- Front panel/face plate (6mm alu)
- Rear panel (2mm alu, always black)
- Inner front mounting panel with pre-drilled
holes (2mm alu)
- Inner bottom mounting panel with pre-drilled holes
(1mm alu)
- Four feet (always alu finish)
- Screws

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