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  • Model: Eton 5-300/A8/25HEX
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3kg


A classic midrange speaker that due to its phase plug technology significantly improves its omnidirectional behavior in the upper midranges. An “open” and “airy” sound reproduction is typical for the front open construction. The intensity of this characteristic increases steadily with increasing frequency which makes a homogeneous transition to a wide omnidirectional tweeter much easier.

Nominal impedance Zn 8 Ω
DC resistance Re 5.4 Ω
Resonance frequency 1 W fr 49 Hz
Resonance frequency TSP fr 52 Hz
Suspension compliance CMS 0.98 mm/N
Mechanical Q factor QMS 2.30
Electrical Q factor QES 0.42
Total Q factor QTS 0.36
Equivalent air volume of suspension VAS 9 dm3
Mech. resistance RMS 1.36 kg/s
Total moving mass (incl. air mass) MMD 9.7 g
Effective piston area SD 80 cm2
Voice coil-Ř 25 mm
Voice coil Alumninium
Voice coil lenght 10 mm
Voice coil layers 2
Voice coil inductance LE 0.42 mH
Flux density B 1.15 Tesla
Force factor BLxI 6.2 Tm
Height of gap 6 mm
Voice Coil-Ř 90 mm
Height of magnet 17 mm
Mass of speaker 1.27 kg
Characteristic sound pressure level SPL 1 W / 1 m 88 dB
Rated power 50 W
Frequency range 50 - 4000 Hz
Basket material Aluminium diecast
Cone material Hexacone

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