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Tri-Reference 50.0 uF

  • Model: REF/50.0/600


Audyn Cap Tri-Reference 50.0 uF - 600 VDC 2% axial 90x130

Technical specifications

Very high long term stability; mechanically stabilized; vibration free casting; induction free winding technique; metallized film; self-healing design; due to the special contact surfaces and massive copper plates, the end plates are completely contacted. In conventional capacitors the contact is made only via two solder points; improved conductivity; larger surface by Tritec multi-stranded wire; stable housing; reduced loss factor compared to conventional MKP's.

C/F (capacity) 50,00
V (DC) Volt 600,00
C-Tol.% (tolerance) 5,00
D mm 90,00
L mm (length) 130,00
AL mm (connection length) 60,00

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